Tooth Extractions – Lenox, MI

Removing Problematic Teeth for a Healthier Smile

There are many different kinds of treatments that can potentially be used to save a damaged tooth, and Dr. Young and Dr. Samona will always consider your options very carefully. But if there’s a situation where a tooth can’t be salvaged, we may have to move forward with a tooth extraction. Our team will take the necessary steps to make the procedure as pain-free as possible. Call us if you have concerns about your dental health that you think might call for a tooth extraction in Lenox.

Why Choose Forever Young Dentistry Bayside for Tooth Extractions?

  • Sedation Dentistry Provided by Associate Dentist
  • Reliable Tooth-Replacement Methods
  • A Dental Team That Cares About Comfort

Reasons Why Teeth Need to Be Extracted

Close up of a person holding their cheek in pain before tooth extractions in Lenox

We will never ask you to commit to a tooth extraction without first making sure that you understand why it needs to be performed. Rest assured that we will only suggest this procedure after ruling out any treatments that could be used to save the tooth. Common reasons for tooth extraction include:

  • A tooth that’s too damaged or weak to support a crown.
  • An advanced infection caused by severe decay.
  • Teeth that are too overcrowded for a successful orthodontic treatment
  • Teeth that have become trapped under the gums.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

X ray of teeth with a wisdom tooth highlighted red

The wisdom teeth typically come in between the ages of 16 and 25. It’s common to have four wisdom teeth, but there are individuals with less than that. While some people are able to keep their wisdom teeth, it may be necessary to have them removed if they become impacted or cause serious oral pain.

Our team can help you determine whether you truly require a wisdom tooth extraction. We can remove your wisdom teeth in-house, but in certain cases, it may be necessary for us to refer you to a separate specialist.