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Call Us When Your Smile Is in Pain

There’s never a good time to have a dental emergency, but it’s easier to get the care your smile needs promptly if you already have a reliable dental practice to turn to for urgent care. As soon as you notice that something is seriously wrong with your smile, call our team at Forever Young Dentistry Bayside; we’ll try to have one of our Lenox emergency dentists see you on the same day as your call whenever we can.

Why Choose Forever Young Dentistry Bayside for Emergency Dentistry?

  • We Offer Same-Day Emergency Visits
  • Multiple Types of Dental Sedation
  • Advanced Diagnostic Technology

How We Handle Dental Emergencies

Woman holding her cheek in pain while visiting emergency dentist in Lenox
  • Schedule an Appointment: When you call to report a dental emergency, a team member will ask about your symptoms and give you any necessary first aid instructions. Then we’ll make room in our schedule to see you as soon as we can.
  • Perform an Examination: Sometimes the cause of your emergency or the true extent of the damage isn’t immediately obvious. An examination is necessary for us to get a full picture.
  • Review Our Findings: Our team will let you know what’s going on inside your mouth and point you toward treatment options that might help.
  • Carry Out Your Treatment: Your care will be personalized based on the kind of emergency you’re suffering from. We will do everything we can to help you regain a healthy, pain-free smile.

The Most Common Dental Emergencies

You should call our office right away if you’re suffering from oral pain, damaged teeth, and any other potential warning signs of a dental emergency. We can help you figure out what steps you need to take next based on your symptoms. Here are some examples of dental emergencies that warrant a call to your dentist.


Chipped Tooth

Cracked Tooth

Very Sensitive Teeth

Knocked-Out Tooth

Lost Filling or Crown

Broken Denture

Loose Permanent Tooth

Injury to the Gums, Lips, or Tongue

Jaw Pain

Something Stuck Between the Teeth

Understanding the Cost of Emergency Dentistry

Dental receptionist showing a clipboard to a patient

Your emergency dental treatment could involve various procedures. Thus, the final cost isn’t set in stone. The price of care shouldn’t frighten you away from getting the relief you deserve, so be sure to ask our team for tips on making your treatment more affordable. We can review your dental insurance plan with you to see what benefits you can take advantage of, and we can walk you through the available financing options.

Every Dental Emergency is Different

Dental assistant reviewing treatment plan with smiling patient

We mentioned above that emergency dental treatment could involve various procedures, that’s why our Lenox emergency dentist will need to first conduct a thorough oral exam! Once they have pinpointed the root of the problem and assessed the damage, they can determine what the next best steps are. For example, we may intervene with a tooth-colored filling to address a small cavity, or we may need to provide you with a root canal to eliminate an infection. No matter what the case is, we will review our findings, our recommendations, and the price upfront.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Dental Emergencies?

Patient reviewing dental benefits on computer at home

Are you currently insured? Good news: your dental insurance provider may cover a portion of the cost! To find out, review the fine print on your plan. Since there are a lot of things to consider – from waiting periods to annual maximums – don’t hesitate to call the helpline on your paperwork or call our Lenox dental team. We’re proud to work with Cigna, Delta Dental Premier, Guardian, Principal, and several other popular providers. That means that we review your benefits, provide you with an estimate of your out-of-pocket expenses, and file the claims on your behalf.

Other Options for Making Dental Emergencies Affordable

Dental assistant smiling while handing patient form

If you don’t have dental insurance, don’t worry – that’s just one of the financial solutions we offer. At Forever Young Dentistry, our patients in Lenox can also save by joining our in-house dental membership plan! This offers many of the same benefits of traditional dental insurance but without the red tape, like annual maximums. If that doesn’t work for you, we also are happy to welcome flexible financing with CareCredit, which is a third-party financier that allows you to space out the price instead of paying for the entire thing at once.

How Taking Care Of Your Smile Can Save You Money

Woman with dentist smiling at reflection in handheld mirror

Many patients forget that there are several ways to dramatically reduce your chances of sustaining a serious dental injury. Brushing and flossing consistently, getting a checkup and cleaning twice a year, and quitting unhealthy dental habits like smoking and chewing on ice are all great examples. In other words, if you are proactive about taking care of your teeth, you’re less likely to need costly emergency dental care. So, taking care of your smile benefits your wallet too!


Preventing Dental Emergencies

Woman smiling while flossing her teeth

You can’t always predict when a dental emergency will strike, but if you want to make them less likely to happen, you need to make sure you’re practicing the right habits. That means brushing and flossing to keep your teeth free of plaque, eating plenty of foods that promote good oral health, and investing in a protective athletic mouthguard. Don’t forget to visit our office every six months so that we can check for dental problems that might still be in their early stages.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

X ray of teeth with wisdom teeth highlighted red

The wisdom teeth usually try to come in during the late teenage or early adult years. By that point, all of the other teeth have already erupted. Consequently, the wisdom teeth may not have the space they need, which can cause them to become impacted. Since impacted wisdom teeth can be quite painful, it’s typically best to have them extracted. Call our office immediately if you think your wisdom teeth might need to be removed soon.

Root Canals

Illustrated dental instrument treating the inside of a tooth

Dental pulp may become infected or inflamed due to advanced tooth decay or significant trauma to the face. This can result in a severe toothache, and the tooth itself might eventually become completely compromised. With a root canal treatment, we can put a stop to the problem by taking the pulp out of your tooth, thus removing the source of your discomfort. Afterward, the treated tooth will be restored with a natural-looking dental crown.

Tooth Extractions

Dental forceps holding an extracted tooth

Saving your injured teeth is always ideal, but sometimes the damage might be too extensive to fix. In cases where salvaging a tooth is no longer an option, we may suggest a tooth extraction. We can numb your mouth and administer sedation dentistry to make sure you don’t experience any discomfort during your treatment. Leaving the gap empty could cause problems, so we’ll make sure that you’re fully informed about your options for filling it.

Learn More About Tooth Extractions

Dental Emergency FAQs

Will My Toothache Go Away On Its Own?

In the majority of cases, your toothache will not fade away by itself. Even if you no longer feel any pain or discomfort, this doesn’t mean you’ve recovered or that the underlying problem has vanished. In some instances, a toothache going away on its own can signify that the inner tooth nerves have been damaged or destroyed due to an infection. Since you won’t know for certain, you’ll want to come visit our team for an oral examination so we can detect the root of the issue and address it before it worsens. Every patient has different dental needs, so don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment so that we can address your toothache.

How Should I Sleep with Tooth Pain?

Firstly, we highly recommend that you not try to “sleep off” tooth pain, as there could be an infection or serious damage that you’ll need to get fixed right away. That said, if your appointment isn’t until a day or two later, then you’ll want to implement a few things to help you get a good night’s rest. Of course, you should stick to softer, nutrient-rich meals for dinner, such as mashed potatoes and cooked veggies, as these will be easier to chew and won’t place too much pressure on your pained tooth. Try taking an over-the-counter pain reliever 30 minutes before going to sleep, and you might also use a cold compress for around 10 minutes at a time to alleviate discomfort. To sleep, make sure to prop your head up with several pillows so that you can keep blood from rushing to your head while you rest.

Do I Need to Visit for Minor Chips to Teeth?

Minor chips in your teeth aren’t always considered a dental emergency, as they aren’t life-threatening and don’t often cause pain. However, leaving it unaddressed can negatively impact its health and function. That’s why our team will recommend you visit our emergency dentist within a couple of days of your situation. We’ll be able to treat your mildly damaged tooth early before you start experiencing complications like sensitivity, further damage, and an infection.

Should I Visit the Emergency Room First for Dental Emergencies?

While this seems like a good idea, keep in mind that your local ER will not be fully equipped to treat dental emergencies. This is usually because they don’t have a dentist on staff. Still, if you’re experiencing significant issues such as difficulty breathing/swallowing, uncontrollable bleeding, or your jaw is dislocated/broken, then heading straight to the ER should be your top priority. Our team will be able to address your dental issues after you’re taken care of.